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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing is great for ALL businesses & can be a great tool to grow your business rapidly. The main Social Media platforms our clients prefer are Facebook & Instagram. Both Facebook & Instagram are the mostly widely used platforms in the world which makes them extremely important when it comes to marketing & promoting your businesses products & services. We can also service Twitter & YouTube accounts.

Our Approach

In order to begin promoting your business on social media, Appelhans Designs determines if you need a new page that can be setup in a just a matter of minutes or being added as an admin to your existing page. If you have an existing page Appelhans Designs will request access to your page(s) & becomes either an editor or admin (your choice). You still remain in control & retain full admin rights to your page, which means you are still able to post as much or as little as you want. Communication is the biggest key to success, I will be in contact with you on a weekly basis to collaborate on ideas, website promotions, events, New Products & Services & more to create shareable content for your followers.
Our clients we work with currently tend to get the most engagement with funny memes related to the business or photos/videos that include you or your employees. Appelhans Designs creates 1-2 postings per week or more depending on your price package to promote your company & website to increase your call & lead volume.

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Social Media Marketing Portfolio

View our portfolio of Small Businesses we promote on Social Media

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Clear Choice Automotive


Clear Choice Automotive is full service auto repair shop in Denver, Colorado. Typically postings occur 1-2 times per week usually on Monday/Tuesday & Friday. I reach out to them every week to see if they have any cool projects their working on, specific services they want to push for the week etc. Recently we started doing monthly offers to followers including using discount codes. This is a great way for us to track how many followers are using these discounts to determine future offers. Typically funny memes are posted every Friday.
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New Life Builders, LLC


New Life Builders, LLC is a home remodeling & custom shed builder servicing Northern Colorado including Fort Collins. Their Facebook page was fairly inactive due to not having much time to generate postings. We typically post 2 times per week with the goal of increasing engagement & generating more leads for New Life. Many of the post you see will include new projects, how to videos, Website promotions, engaging questions with followers & more. Check out their Facebook page by clicking here.
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Limitless Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Limitless Martial Arts is a Martial Arts studio based in Broomfield, Colorado. When we started working with their social media, posts were fairly sporadic. The owner of Limitless wanted to increase engagement with followers & begin increasing leads for his gym. We began posting 2 times per week and started with promoting their new website we built along with all the coaches bios, since we have started regular postings on Facebook & Instagram there has been an uptick in follower engagement & increased interest in joining the gym.
Click Here to Facebook. Click Here for Instagram.
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Bullard Tree Care


Bullard Tree Care is an Arborist & Landscaping company based in Arvada, CO. Typically we post 2 times per week including information about trees, services, project pictures & more. We also do Facebook Ads as well to promote Bullard Tree Care's brand to a large audience every month with the goal of generating more leads & website traffic. We also post funny memes every Thursday or Friday which increases brand recognition & generates engaging content for followers of their page.
Click Here for Facebook
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Exhaust Pros Northglenn


Exhaust Pros Northglenn is an automotive shop in Northglenn, CO. When we first starting working with their social media it had been almost 3 years since the last posting to the page. When we took over the account, we first started promoting their brand new website & began posting project photos of custom exhaust projects & more. More recently we run monthly specials using Facebook Offer & post previous & current projects along with other fun things that pertain to motorsports & racecars. As with most we promote Exhaust Pros Northglenn also has a #fridaymemes to increase engagement with followers. Click Here for Facebook.
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A&C Autoworks


A&C Autoworks is a full service auto repair shop in Northglenn, CO. Their Facebook page had around 5,000 followers when we started working with A&C, however due to lack of time, postings we're very sparse. We took over the account & started posting regular 2-3 times per week & began to see immediate results with engagement & increased website traffic. We currently promote their monthly specials and post 1x per week about a certain monthly special along with doing offers through Facebook. One of the biggest ideas we collaborated on was the #fridaymemes. We post every Friday a funny meme that relates to cars & we have seen a large increase engagement & customer interaction when they visit the shop.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are paid ads to help you promote your business on Facebook/Instagram. If you choose one of our Preferred Marketing Partner bundled pricing packages, Facebook Ads are an option & range from $50 - $200 Credit per month. You are able to reach local customers based on Targeted areas, interests, demographics & more. These promotions typically last between 10-30 days depending on your Ad credit limit each month. My process begins with reaching out to you to determine what goal you would like to achieve whether it be to increase website traffic, increase call volume, increase leads & more. We will then collaborate on what content you want to place in the ad. Once completed your ad will start. Monthly analytics reports will be emailed to you upon the completion of your Ad. I will then reach out to you and determine the next steps & actions for the following months ad. A Brand New addition to Wix is integrating Facebook & Instagram Ads with you website. The algorhythms in Wix will learn your customers & target to those specifically who are in the market for your product & service. Contact me to learn more about this brand new feature.

Why work with Me?
As a Full Time Web Design & Small Business Marketing company I will work with you over the phone or in person (if you are in the Denver metro area) to determine your needs to ensure you are completely satisfied with your website. I will ensure your web design is clean without errors & user-friendly. I will do whatever it takes to make sure your website looks good and performs well online and will always be available to chat and work with you on issues or changes. My clients I work with are always happy with my work and know that I am dependable and always looking out for their best interest to help them grow their online presence & visibility. Contact me here or give me a call 303-481-0346 to get started on your web design project today.
Who Do We Work With?
Appelhans Designs works with all different types of industries within Service & Retail Businesses. We have found our niche' working with small "mom & pop" family owned businesses including Automotive, Arborists, Clothing, Martial Arts, Construction, Carpet Cleaning, Tattoo Shops, Counselors & more, we are willing to work with any company in any industry. Although we can work with any client anywhere in the United States. We are currently focusing on Colorado & Southern Wyoming including: Northglenn, Thornton, Denver, Westminster, Parker, Windsor, Greeley, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Laramie, Greeley, Colorado Springs, Sterling, Fort Morgan, Vail, Grand Junction & more.
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