Social Media Marketing

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for new cost-effective ways to promote your brand.

Social Media gives business owners a chance to interact with customers and develop long-lasting relationships. Social Media Marketing can be a daunting task, Appelhans Designs helps generate interest and creates postings of 1-2 times per week to keep your audience interested in the products & services you provide. There are many different Social Media Platforms to choose from, however, there are only a handful of popular sites that business owners will want to utilize. 

As a business owner, it important that you decide which platforms will best suit your companies needs.

Our company can assist you in deciding which platforms will help market your business best.

We offer several great plans to fit within your needs & budget and offer low monthly fees to help maintain and keep your social sites looking fresh.


Facebook is one of the most widely utilized tools for businesses, where you can promote, create ads, create a page and so much more. Businesses who use Facebook as a marketing tool have a clearer understanding of their customers and are able to better interact and fill the needs of the customer.

Who doesn't want to be the next viral sensation? With YouTube, your business becomes a visual guide allowing new and existing customers to feel and see your excitement about your business. YouTube is an excellent way to elevate your business to the next level with great marketing strategies to help you get more viewers and create interest in your company.


A Picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Instagram is a great marketing tool for businesses to visually show their amazing products or services and create excitement around them. Instagram is a great platform to take photo and videos and share on the app. You can also link your Instagram account with Facebook & Twitter so followers never miss a moment on any platform.

Image by Austin Distel

Facebook & Instagram Ad Design

We will help you create Facebook & Instagram Posts & ads that will drive New Customers to your Social Media Pages and increase New Business Traffic. Appelhans Designs will also help determine a budget for the ad and determine how many days to run your ad on Facebook & Instagram.